The main purpose of a CATIII certificate is to provide an intendent check of a design by an completely impartial individual, ensuring the design is safe and free of mistakes and miscalculations.


There are different levels for checking depending on the complexity of the project:

  • CAT 0: Limited to standard solutions only to check the overall solution would satisfy the site necessities. This can be carried by the same designer.
  • CAT I: For simple designs that requires simple analysis methods and is in accordance with relevant standards and technical information. This can also be carried by the same designer.
  • CAT II: For more developed and complex designs. The check are carried in-house and by and independent individual not involved in the design.
  • CAT III: When the design is unusual, differs from standards and  involves considerable exercise of engineering judgments. These checks are carried by an independent organization with by a completely impartial individual. This is also usually required when the project fall in the near vicinity of the TFL or NR.
CAT 3 Checking and Certificates

At Ultimate Design we carry checks to ensure our designs are in accordance with the relevant codes and safe to implement on site.

We can also provide CAT III certificates for your existing designs. Our team will study and check your design and will provide a full calculations report along with the certificate.

We have also partnered with other independent organizations to get our designs checked when the size and complexity of your design requires a CAT III certificate, reducing the lead time and costs for our customers.

We verify your designs in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations

To make mistakes is human; We check our designs to make sure this doesn’t happen.