Project details

Project: Zodiac Court

Client: RBS Scaffolding

Date: 2020 onwards

The Zodiac Court building in Croydon is a modern, multi-purpose office and residential complex located in the heart of the bustling Croydon town center. Designed with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, the building features spacious office spaces and well-appointed apartments, all with state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. With its central location, exceptional architecture, and range of high-end facilities, Zodiac Court is the perfect destination for businesses and residents alike, offering an unparalleled living and working experience in one of London’s most vibrant and dynamic neighborhoods.

The scaffolding project included a perimeter scaffold to the low level building followed by a wrap around the tower.

We model the scaffold solution in 3D to help visualize the project and complexity of the solution to all the parties involved and detailed the bespoke solutions to the operatives onsite to ensure all the key elements were picked up in advance.